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NEW!!! Pianocrasher about his Acoustic Graffiti Arts at Splerin TV!!! Camera by Eugenie Absalom:

Press: Metro UK "Videomaster 62 - Pianocrasher" August 2009

PianocrasherAcoustic Graffiti performances and art works, created by Oleg Lapidus signify the spread of graffiti culture into music world. While classic graffiti usually stands for painting on a prohibited surface, «acoustic graffiti» is a music performance in a prohibited place at a prohibited time. The difference between the two would be that visual graffiti is a form of street art while “acoustic graffiti” can happen indoors, including the most high profile venues, where classic graffiti would equal vandalism. The moment of truth comes when security appear on the scene. It is the symbol of prohibition imposed on an individual by public order regulations:


Volochkova Eternity

Black and White (Anastasia Volochkova Pianocrash) © Oleg Lapidus & Eugenie Absalom

Acoustic Interference
British Flag Penetrated By Acoustic Graffiti
Acoustic Interference



The “Pianocrasher” title refers to Italian “piano” - meaning “soft” and can be interpreted as “breaking silence.” Talented and versatile musician, Oleg is a virtuoso clarinettist and saxophonist, a skilful pianist, flutist and a music teacher. For this reason his “pianocrashes” involve not only actual piano performances, but also flute, sax and clarinet.

Recent pianocrashes include the lobby of the iconic buildings on the South Bank - Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal National Theatre, a number of top London hotels, like The Dorchester and Grosvenor House in Park Lane, historic Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair and The Ritz as well as restaurants such as glamorous JUST St. James's in St. James's.


“I use the sound graphs of the final notes of my performances when creating my art works. These sounds reflect the state of mind of an individual facing the dilemma: to keep playing music or to quit. It is an allegory of everyday life where people have to make choices under pressure. It first of all refers to new creative initiatives that face misunderstanding and often fall under attack at the start. They can only survive if the artist persists.” Oleg Lapidus


Image of Pianocrash at Brown's Hotel with Sound Graph Fatality
Videocapture of Pianocrash at Brown's Hotel with Sound Graph © Eugenie Absalom & Oleg Lapidus


© Oleg Lapidus & Eugenie Absalom


James Bond ThemeDuring one of his most extreme crashes Oleg was Performing James Bond theme on sax in front the MI6 building - home of the legendary Ian Fleming's hero.


In October 2008 “Pianocrasher” played a traditional Irish tune After Successful Crashon his flute in one of the conference rooms of the Palace of Westminster. This landmark performance truly confirmed the existence of the new kind of art.

In 2008 Oleg Lapidus also initiated the movement of Prohibitivism that aims to unite prohibited visual arts like Graffiti, Acoustic Graffiti, innovative prohibited trends and artists belonging to them by way of joint exhibits, workshops and other creative promotions.

“Pianocrash involves uncertainty just like any on stage performance and it makes you feel just as vulnerable or even more than a scheduled concert,” – says Oleg. “Its mission is to break the stereotype and to show that art has no bounds. And it gives people unexpected joy.”

Pianocrasher Recent Shows

5 - 11th December 2010 | Salon Art Bizarre 2010 International Contemporary Art Fair | La Galleria Pall Mall, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London, SW1

November 2010 | And From The Baltic To The Balkans Group Show at Sophia Art Gallery I Embassy of Bulgaria | 186 - 188 Queen's Gate, London, SW7

June - July 2010 | SUMMER CONTEMPORARY Fulham Art Fair | UNIQUE Gallery, 595 King's Road, London, SW6

July 2009 | Acoustic Graffiti Arts Display | DIVO restaurant, St James's, London, SW1

October 2009/10 | Annual Exhibition | The Arts Club Mayfair, 40 Dover Street, London, W1

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